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At AuStar, we are passionate about nurturing the natural bounty of Mother Earth, especially when it comes to cultivating delightful fruits like mangos, avocados, citrus, and other luscious varieties. Our mission is to empower growers and enthusiasts with the finest plant growth regulators, unlocking the full potential of their orchards and gardens.

With decades of experience and a team of seasoned horticulturists, we have crafted a comprehensive collection of scientifically formulated growth regulators, tailored specifically for each fruit's unique needs. Whether you're an established commercial farmer or an avid home gardener, AuStar caters to all, offering an effective and sustainable solution for enhanced fruit quality, size, and yield.

Why Choose AuStar


Backed by a wealth of botanical expertise and continuous research, our plant growth regulators are designed to maximize fruit production while maintaining optimal health for your plants.

Premium Quality

We take pride in sourcing the highest quality ingredients to ensure that our products deliver consistent and remarkable results, season after season.

Sustainable Solutions

We believe in eco-friendly practices. Our growth regulators are environmentally safe and designed to promote sustainable agriculture.

Tailored for Specific Fruits

Recognizing the unique requirements of each fruit, we have customized formulations that cater to the distinct growth patterns of mangos, avocados, citrus, and various other fruits.

Customer Support

Your success is our priority. Our team of plant experts is always available to offer personalized guidance and support, assisting you in making the most of our products.

Trust and Reliability

We have earned the trust of countless growers worldwide, who have witnessed the transformative effects of AuStar growth regulators on their harvests.

Crop types

  • Avocado

    Bring the best produce to market every time. Nothing insures flowering and fruit quality like AuStar
  • Mango

    Chemicals Direct only manufactures AuStar in Australia. Our processes are designed to meet the highest international quality standards
  • Citrus

    Chemicals Direct produce AuStar, the world's most chemically advanced plant growth regulator delivered to you at the best possible price.