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AuStar® is most widely used on Mango, Stonefruit and Avocado 

AuStar® plays the same fundamental role in all plants by inhibiting gibberellin synthesis.   The primary effect of AuStar® is to reduce canopy growth and direct nutrients and the carbohydrates synthesised in the leaves into fruit and seed production, rather than into non-productive leaves and stems. The use of Austar on Avovados is practiced by 3 of the top 5 biggest Avocado farms in the world and the results speak for themselves. Additionally, scientific evidence widely documents the following respones very reliably.

Empirical evidence proves AuStar assists with:

  • Managing and controlling the canopy;
  • Better fruit retention;
  • Increased yields by a minimum of 25% up to 82%
  • Fuller shaped Avocado;
  • Improves skin texture;
  • Reduction in bi-ennial cropping;
  • Enhances calcium concentration in fruit.