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Grow fruit not trees with AuStar®

13 years ago Chemicals Direct developed and began manufacturing AuStar®.

Chemicals Direct only manufactures AuStar in Australia. Our processes are designed to meet the highest international quality standards. We do this to make sure our customers can be confident they will achieve the same great results every time they use AuStar – year after year.

How does AuStar work on Mangoes?

Gibberellins are a class of plant growth hormone that play a major role in controlling elongation of plant cells i.e. Leaf and shoot growth. Gibberellins make the mango tree want to keep growing bigger but not to produce flowers or fruit. AuStar inhibits the synthesis of these compounds and tricks the plant into producing flowers and fruit as well as minimising unwanted vegetative growth.  When applied according to the instructions AuStar will not stress or damage a healthy tree.

How to use AuStar

AuStar is very easy to use and is applied to your mango trees once every year. AuStar should be applied approximately 8 months before the desired first picking date. AuStar must be mixed with sufficient water to carry it into the soil.  It is then applied around the base of the tree trunk ensuring it does not run away but is absorbed into the soil.

As a general rule the dose of AuStar should be the height of the tree plus the width of the tree canopy times 2

ie. (H+W)x2 ml*

If it is the first year of application add 15% or if applying to clay soil add a further 20%.

*Please refer to the dosage calculator at the bottom of this page for the correct dosage for your specific variety and conditions. 

Benefits of using AuStar® with Mangos

 Application EffectAssociated Benefits
Foliage GrowthControls Tree Vigour
  • Reduces pruning costs
  • Allows higher density planting
  • Easier to achieve optimum tree shape
  • Rejuvenation of older trees
FloweringEarlier flowering Cycle     
Increased flowering uniformity     
Increased flowering intensity
  • Escape some pest and disease cycles
  • Higher Yields

Increased Yields   
Higher sugar content

Improves Fruit Colour   
Reduction in picking frequency

  • Improves palatability
  • Improves early yield return
  • Better presentation

AuStar® Plant Growth Regulator assists your mango crops to achieve full blossom potential by making a balance between foliar and fruit growth.

Top 4 best practices to farm Mango professionally in the 21st Century.

1. Packing shed & cold chain.