Mr. Barry Albrecht

General Manager, Arnhem Fruit

I have been farming mango for the past 25 years and currently control 200,000 trees and am pleased to give this testimonial to Chemicals Direct for their outstanding product Austar. In my opinion no professional mango farmer can be competitive in the market place without AuStar. AuStar has proven itself over the past 8 years that I have used it. The quality of AuStar is by far the best Plant Growth Regulator that I have used.

Mr. Antonio Gomez

I just want to up to date you about my knowledge of AuStar. I am Colombian and I came to 2001 to Peru for work in the avocado orchard in Camposol next to Ken Merber. I was in charge of Field testing of AuStar in Camposol during 2 years, after that we were sure that AuStar was the best product for cost and benefit for avocado. My big interest in Austar is because I know the quality and the field results in avocado by my own experience.