AuStar Key People

Tyson Bennett (R&D Manager)- B.Com SMM CBI IM

Tyson brings to our organisation with over 8 years of extensive R&D capabilities where he focuses on the various crops AuStar works on. Due to Tyson's research he has also been able to bring new insights into crop yield maximisation, expand our catalogue of registrations and is key to our research into new crops with research projects spanning the globe. Tyson is focused on accelerating the advancement of the use of our product for the benefit of farmers and the greater global community. Tyson is also pursuing further studies at Harvard University in the USA.

Hiram Ibarra (General Manager Corporate Affairs Mexico) - R. AgriAdmin Acc & Tax

Hiram believes in agri-business and has been monitoring the growth in Mexico's agriculture industry over the past few years. Hiram is passionate about providing growers with knowledge and access to AuStar to support increased yields and efficient commercialization of agri-business in Mexico. With a background in accounting & tax, he shares our beliefs that farmers need to act like businesses.

Kevin Boekestein  (Regional Manager Africa) B.Com Hons

Kevin has a wealth of experience in market development in Africa accrued over more than 17 years. Since joining our team he has set up agents in North and West Africa and an office in East Africa. The main crops of interest to Austar in Africa are mangos, citrus, avocados and dates. Kevin brings with him the combined knowledge of the Chemicals Direct team to Africa to increase farmer’s yields and profit.