AuStar® plays the same fundamental role in all plants by inhibiting gibberellin synthesis.   The primary effect of AuStar® is to reduce canopy growth and direct nutrients and the carbohydrates synthesised in the leaves into fruit and seed production, rather than into non-productive leaves and stems.

Major citrus producers are using Austar to great effect to increase tonnage yields per hectare, size quality and flavour. The texture is also greatly improved and the canopy can be effectively controlled as additionals benefits.

  • Excellent control of canopy management;
  • Reduction in pruning time and costs;
  • Profuse flowering;
  • Increased yields by a minimum of 25%;
  • Increased fruit size;
  • Rougher texture (Persian Lime);
  • Uniformity.


Recommended dosing by collar drench:

Height of canopy + width of the canopy = ml of AuStar 


  • 2 ml for excessive of the vegetative growth;
  • 2 mil for trees aged more than 8 years old;
  • 15% in clay soils.

Mix Solutions (AuStar + Water)

Sand Mix Clay
2L 1L ½ L

Recommended timing for application:

When the new Flush emerge after pruning and between 12 & 14 weeks before expected the harvesting.

Apply once per year

Ensure adequate water and fertilizers continue before and after AuStar application. 

Note: Do not overdose trees with AuStar; if unsure lower dosing to see result and increase dosing following season if tree has not responded to the low dosage.