Farm Management

Every successful 21st century farmer today uses science, strategy and technology. Remember, you are a business man first, not a farmer.


Science assists solving problems that are common to farmers such as poor yields, bi-ennial cropping, excessive vegetative growth, pests and disease. Fertilisers and trace elements are consumed by the tree in its cycle and the replacement of these is essential for a healthy tree to be productive tree. These solutions need to be implemented into your farming operations to assist in producing higher yielding quality fruits.


In today's truly global business world it is the businesses with vision and foresight that become successful and sustainable in the longer term. Critical to your success are the decisions on cultivar selection, infrastructure on your plantation and the markets to whom you decide to sell your fruit. You need a plan of action to be profitable!


Be efficient to be profitable.

Commercialisation of farming operations has led to the development of amazing technology to ensure high yielding plantations firstly, produce quality fruits and secondly are able to be transported to the market in the best possible condition for higher prices.

21st technology can assist with irrigation, fertigation, trimming, pruning, picking, processing, grading, storage and ultimately transportation to the market via refrigeration.

These are the foundations on which a farmer builds an efficient and profitable business. Our team travels the world and has established a plethora of information on world's best practice to pass to our customers and those wanting to establish new plantations.