AuStar: Transforming the Mexican fields

Recently the Agricultural Livestock International Forum at Puerto Vallarta, Jallisco was held, where AuStar helped producers to obtain better results and a bigger return in their orchards or plantations.

What is AuStar?

AuStar is an Australian company which brought Paclobutrazol to Mexico in 2005. This growth inhibitor retards the vegetative development since it interferes, by blocking gibberellins (hormone responsible for the plant's growth, inducing blossoming) synthesis.

By using this product it will make the plant focus its energy in the fruit development instead of the vegetive part, so it can be achieved a bigger, production and uniformity. In obtaining a fruit with better shape, producers will have a better control of the vegetative growth, having the chance to have plantations with a higher density. 

Used with success by producers in India, Brazil and Australia, where the use is not limited to orchards, but used in a wide variety of cultivations (vegetables, grains, flowers, etc.) and having as main function to provoke flowering and production of a tree or plant. 

AuStar is the most advanced chemical Paclobutrazol in the world, with the best engineering in vegetation growth regulators at the best possible price, that helps improve the harvest's production and brings a better handling of the tree's growth. It should be applied in orchards to increase the yield and provoke improvements in the cultivation's handling, meaning that the use of AuStar 25 SC brings, not only benefits to the orchard, but also to the agricultural business as a whole.